A Decision To Be Made On Local Solar Farms

posted Jul 27, 2020, 4:52 PM by 2MG Real FM
The Final decision as to if ONE of two proposed new Solar farms in our region will get the go-ahead could be known within the next few weeks.

The Proposed site, at 129 OLD MILL ROAD at Gulgong has already seen a large number of submissions made against the 5 mega-watt Solar farm being built on the direct approach into town.

The Western Regional Planning Panel who has the final say on the project will meet on August 3rd, and hear a range of submissions from those in the community both for & against the project, and it is then expected that a final decision will be made known within a week of that meeting.

While Mid-Western Regional Council has no final say in the project, they were required to provide a Council assessment report to the panel, and seek public feedback, with councils report noting that they received a total of 445 submissions, with 439 of those against the project.

With COVID restrictions currently in force, the panel is set to meet in Sydney and the public taking part via Teleconference, we have asked the Media department of the planning panel if a site visit has or will be undertaken, but are yet to hear a response.

The Development application for the Solar Farm on the Sydney Approach to Mudgee is being treated as a completely separate application, with the panel meeting at a later date to decide on that one, however, when that will be is not known.