Calling For More People Allowed in Regional Pubs and Clubs

posted May 17, 2020, 5:36 PM by 2MG Real FM
The Australian Hotels Associations are calling for changes to allow up to 20 people into Pubs and Clubs in regional areas that are COVID free, similar to what is currently allowed in Queensland.

CEO of the AHA, Stephen Ferguson, says that the AHA are having the conversation with the government on the blanket 10 rule in the state.

Mr Ferguson has told Ken Sutcliffe on 2MG that a compromise could be to allow groups of 10 in each of its separate areas, where pubs have areas such a beer gardens, dining rooms, sports bars an such, saying that really there is no difference to having 5 cafes all next to each other, which would see up to 50 people on a street footpath.

He also says that fixed costs on country pubs, such a power, insurance, etc are still ongoing costs, even with the pubs shut.