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Back to school 2018

posted Jan 16, 2018, 11:21 AM by Craig Bassett


The first term for the 2018 school year starts for staff with a school development day on Monday, 29 January (in the Eastern Division), with students returning from the following day. 

It is advisable for parents to check with their children’s school if they are unsure of what day they return (or start Kindergarten or Year 7).  Schools normally advise parents towards the end of the previous school year and post key dates on their school website.

The Autumn two-week vacation starts on Monday, 16 April.

This calendar consolidates all school term and holidays, as well as proposed school development days and some other key dates.



Many of the questions parents (and you) ask about are covered on the public schools’ website Our schools at a glance.  Whether it’s head lice or homework, this handy guide has the answers to questions from A for attendance through to W for Wellbeing.



For parents, and sometimes their children, one of the most challenging times in school years can be starting.

The key to helping students have a positive start to school is set out for parents and even has a video illustrating a typical first day in a public school Kindergarten

More information about starting school, including the often asked question ‘when to start?’ and a video about transition to school is also available through the public schools’ website.

The big step of starting high school is explained for parents and students.   There are special breakout sections on new subjects, teachers and friends as well as thoughts on the new dimension of peer pressure that a different learning environment may bring, as well as a checklist and family guide about preparing for secondary school.  There is also a video that helps students and parents understand differences between primary and secondary school.