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Bullbar tolerance guidelines

posted Sep 17, 2014, 7:18 PM by 2MG Real FM   [ updated Sep 17, 2014, 7:25 PM ]

Member for Orange, Andrew Gee has welcomed the release of the Ministerial Order to provide clear information about which bullbars are allowed on NSW roads to address the issue of non-compliance in the Orange electorate.

Mr Gee said some bullbars were caught up in Australian Standards, which were enacted in NSW on 1 January 2003, by the then Labor Roads Minister, Carl Scully.

"Motorists in the Orange electorate have been subject to a recent compliance campaign and I am proud the NSW Government is listening to the concerns of communities in the bush," Mr Gee said.

"A Ministerial Order was released today to provide tolerances for people who have inadvertently purchased a non-complying bullbar, and manufacturers, so they have adequate time to comply with the standards.

"This Ministerial Order will be in place for two years to give these people time to have their bullbar checked and, if necessary, modified or replaced," Mr Gee said.

Mr Gee has urged motorists and manufacturers to visit the Centre for road safety website to view the tolerances for bull bars.

"The guide includes diagrams and clearly explains the rules and the interim tolerances," Mr Gee said.

"Motorists across the electorate should ensure they know where they bull bar fits within the interim tolerances.

"This is about making sure dangerous bullbars are off the roads without punishing those with non-complying variations that don’t pose an unacceptable road safety risk."

More information about which bullbars are allowed on NSW roads is available at