The 'Doctor' Is In

Post date: Jun 1, 2020 5:02:32 AM

Doctor Doctor is set to return to filming in Mudgee later in 2020, with star of the show, Rodger Corser speaking to 2MG over the weekend.

Corser says that filming this time around is expected to be in spring, saying he won’t miss the freezing cold filming in June.

He says the stars and crew are looking forward to getting among the region once again, and love the way they are made welcome in the region.

Corser has also been told that people are now coming to our region because they are seeing Mudgee and the district on the show, and decide to come for a visit.

Rodger also mentions that the new Mudgee Hospital could also get a look in, as the hospital site they have been using in Sydney is not available for filming this year, so jokes that the new Mudgee Hospital could get a look in.